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15 Minutes Share Your Voice

Sep 21, 2022

Amanda Shaffer, Esq. is a partner and the Chief Marketing Officer at The Shapiro Law Firm. She has worked for this small, family-oriented firm for over a decade, starting her work there as a law intern. Her areas of expertise include civil litigation, business organization, property, wills, and a focus on immigration. She earned her J.D. from Quinnipiac University School of Law and her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. 

In this episode…

What does it look like to practice law and care for people?

While the service is essential and desperately needed, the very idea of a law firm conjures fears of heavy fees and tedious litigation. It can be challenging to untangle the two concepts and find a direct path between the two. Amanda Shaffer finds purpose in her position by focusing on immigration law through her modest law firm. Likewise, she started small, teaching herself legal marketing and proper lawyering. It has been a long but fruitful journey; now, she shares her hard-won insights with you.

In this episode of 15 Minutes, Michael Renfro sits down with Amanda Shaffer, Esq., a partner and the Chief Marketing Officer of The Shapiro Law Firm, to sift through her approach and her story. They begin with starting at the law firm with her brother-in-law and what she learned early on. They also discuss her daily rituals, her greatest inspirations, and even touch on some of her favorite podcasts. Stay tuned to hear all of this and much more!