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15 Minutes Share Your Voice

Nov 30, 2022

Michael Elkins is a 20-year nationally quoted labor, employment, and sports law attorney. He is the Founder of MLE Law, a full-service labor, employment, and business law firm that focuses on assisting clients with day-to-day operations. Michael is the creator and host of the Quarter Four Podcast, where he covers the intersection between business and sports by providing listeners an inside look into the psychology of what makes people successful on and off the field. 

Before founding MLE Law, Michael was the Equity Shareholder and Co-chair of the Litigation Practice Group for Bryant Miller Olive P.A., an Attorney and Shareholder for Fowler White Burnett, P.A., and the Founder and Partner for Corcoran & Elkins, LLP. He has been featured on CNN and in Forbes, Newsweek, The New York Daily News, Bloomberg, and The Miami Herald, and has provided extensive commentary regarding vaccine mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this episode…

When facing adversity, what can you do to become mentally resilient? How can you bring high-level value to your clients on legal issues in the public eye?

Michael Elkins knows that nobody is perfect, but embracing those imperfections is where real growth happens. By understanding and using your weaknesses to fuel your strengths, you can more easily maneuver obstacles and make decisions that best fit your company. Michael has taken to social media to help other attorneys and corporations, large and small, to explore and comment on issues publicly to bring value to their clients. 

In this episode of 15 Minutes, Michael Renfro sits down with Michael Elkins, Founder of MLE Law, to discuss relabeling your weaknesses as strengths. Michael talks about what prompted his interest in becoming an attorney, how to look for positives amid negativity, and how social media can help build your brand.