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15 Minutes Share Your Voice

Sep 14, 2022

Owen McGrann is the Founder and Managing Member of McGrann Law, a modest firm that works with ordinary people on estate planning and small businesses. His background includes work at law firms such as Picadio Sneath Miller & Norton, P.C. and Tucker Arensberg, P.C. Owen has been on the Pennsylvania Super Lawyers & Rising Stars list on six separate occasions for his expertise and hands-on work with the community. He received his JD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and his master’s in literature from Binghamton University.

In this episode…

It’s no secret that lawyers have a stigma in western culture. Even the best law firms can be perceived as manipulative or conniving based solely on stereotypes. The profession comes with its own pitfalls and preconceptions and, unfortunately, some lawyers only serve to perpetuate those notions. Meanwhile, others work tirelessly to serve their clients and practice fairly. One such lawyer is Owen McGrann.

After a decade at larger law firms, Owen decided to start his own to help his clients better. He has a direct but honest approach that filters to the rest of his team at McGrann Law. Their reputation is built on these ideals, and on today’s show, Owen explains exactly how they operate.

Michael Renfro interviews Owen McGrann, the Founder and Managing Member of McGrann Law, on this episode of 15 Minutes to talk about his approach to practicing law and what’s worked for his firm. They discuss the overlooked mechanics of running a law firm and why knowing your numbers is so important. They touch on subjects such as CRMs for law firms, using storytelling to win clients, and some of the best attorneys working today.