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15 Minutes Share Your Voice

Jun 28, 2023

Michael Eisenbaum is the Managing Partner of Gray•Duffy, LLP, a firm specializing in litigation and dispute resolution across various legal fields. With a diversified practice encompassing extensive litigation experience, Michael has successfully represented numerous individuals and businesses in premises liability, contract liability and enforcement, personal injury, and property damage litigation. He demonstrates expertise in handling a range of civil lawsuits from inception through trials and appeals. 

In this episode…

In the world of law and litigation, a successful practice hinges on a thorough understanding of legal intricacies and the ability to build strong client relationships. Combining legal knowledge, effective communication, and client advocacy is a balancing act. 

Michael Eisenbaum, a Managing Partner at Gray•Duffy, LLC, demonstrates mastery in this field. He offers more than just in-depth knowledge of insurance defense and business litigation. What sets Michael apart is his dedication to client communication and understanding his client's needs. Discovering his passion for the legal industry was not predetermined, but shaped by unique life experiences and a relentless drive to succeed.

In this episode of 15 Minutes, host Bela Musits delves into an insightful conversation with Michael Eisenbaum. Together, they explore Michael's role as a managing partner, his involvement in the firm's advertisement, and what differentiates the firm from its competitors. Michael also shares the value of contributing to article publications and insight into the future of the industry.