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15 Minutes Share Your Voice

Dec 21, 2022

Britten Sessions is a Principal Attorney at Zilka-Kotab PC, a law firm that specializes in tailoring strategies to help individual inventors to Fortune 500-sized companies patent and trademark their inventions. He has assisted companies in monetizing patent assets yielding over $80 million in returns and has advised hundreds of patent enforcements, acquisitions, and licensing. Britten is the Associate Dean of Intellectual Property at Lincoln Law School of San Jose and the Owner of PatentSide LLC. 

He graduated from Brigham Young University with his BS in chemical engineering and earned his JD in intellectual property from Santa Clara University School of Law. Britten has been repeatedly recognized as one of the world's “Top 300 IP Strategists” by Intellectual Asset Management and has been listed on Super Lawyers and Silicon Valley Business Journal's "Top 40 under 40.”

In this episode…

There are many legal rights to consider when bringing an idea to life. What steps can you take to protect yourself as an applicant or inventor? How can you utilize the latest technology to optimize your work?

For a system with many vertices, it is better for an inventor to have guidance navigating the various structures. But being a patent attorney is more than filling in the blanks — it is a multifaceted career where technology can greatly enhance your practitioner skills. Britten Sessions assists with protecting and licensing the assets of his clients. He has firsthand experience with patent law and meeting the specific requirements to file, and he’s able to bring a deeper knowledge to the table and provide better service for clients. 

In this episode of 15 Minutes, Michael Renfro sits down with Britten Sessions, Principal Attorney at Zilka-Kotab PC, to discuss the stepping stones and stumbling blocks of patent law. Britten talks about photoshop tools that can assist inventors with licensing, learning opportunities to optimize your workflow, and the truth about what is holding you back.