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Stat Check

Jun 12, 2024

Paulie - AKA Skyserpent - and George are two of the mighty trio that brings us the Realspace Raiders podcast. They are long standing Drukhari mains, and also two of the most generous, encouraging people in the hobby. 

Both of them have been incrediubly encoraging of this porcast, and of my own hobby progress - especially since I started a drukhari army. 

Their loyalty to one faction is a big part of this episode. We spend plenty of time talking about the dark kin and what makes the army special. And some time talking about how to play this glass cannon. 

You can find the Realspace Raiders info here. That's the facebook link. It'll take you to the podcast and anything else you need to see!

Go like the Champions of 40k facebook page. 

Or come and say hi on Instagram - I'd love to hear from you. It's mostly hobby stuff on Insta ... but still. 

I hope you enjoy the episode - Steve.