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Stat Check

Feb 10, 2023

Stat Check's X and 1 is a show dedicated to players who are looking to be as successful as they can be given limited time - players who are also parents, busy professionals, folks with limited time on their hands - if this sounds like you, then this is your show! We go over lists that are relatively straightforward to play, quick to hobby, with a high potential performanc ceiling as you improve at the game. We also focus on expectation management given our constraints - Cliff and Tim are both working parents, and will be sharing their lessons learned on balancing their passion for the game with the demands of their off-table responsibilities.

"Unga Bunga" players, "Oops all Greater Demons", Ork Players, Knights players, "Aggressive" players - you are all welcome here. We cover list construction, in-game approaches, and hobby procedures from some of the best players in the world to ensure you have the best game experience possible while running the models you love."