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The Unfolding

Mar 8, 2024


One hard event after another marked the childhood and early adult years of Molly Stillman. After serving as an army nurse in Vietnam, Molly’s mother was diagnosed with a fatal disease related to exposure to Agent Orange At 21, Molly received an unexpected inheritance which she squandered in less than two years.  Molly’s go-to coping mechanism was humor, so she masked her pain and depression with stand-up comedy and even pursued her dream of making it on Saturday Night Live.  But instead of the success she was chasing, Molly ended up in debt and suffocating under guilt, shame, and embarrassment. Molly is a speaker and host of the Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder? Podcast, and author of If I Don’t Laugh, I’ll Cry: How Death, Debt, and Comedy Led to a Life of Faith, Farming, and Forgetting What I Came into This Room For.