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NSF's Discovery Files

Oct 31, 2022

From out in space, high-energy particles bombard Earth and objects in our orbit with radiation that can endanger the lives of astronauts and destroy electronic equipment. Researcher Luca Comisso joins to explain his insights into the turbulent origins of these cosmic rays. 

Oct 24, 2022

As we move into flu season, virologist Joanna Shisler explains how viruses work and how we may avoid them. Engineer Gerri Botte tells us how she developed a COVID-19 sensor during the height of the pandemic.

Oct 17, 2022

The United Nations estimates that more than 400 million tons of plastic is produced each year. A byproduct of this level of use is that plastic waste now contaminates the entire global marine environment. Researcher Bhuvnesh Bharti tells us about his research into microplastics.

Oct 10, 2022

The U.S. power grid is the biggest machine in the world, and demand is ever increasing. Professor Anurag Srivastava is working on ways to make the grid more resilient by augmenting operators and optimizing control. We'll hear how. Department of Energy Engineer John Brewer also joins to explain the basics of the U.S....

Oct 3, 2022

The Weddell seal population of Antarctica have been closely watched since the 1960s, but there are still new discoveries being made. We are joined by researchers Michelle Shero and Jennifer Burns, who have found a correlation between nursing mothers and their diving capacity. Jay Rotella also joins us to...