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Mrs. Que Talks

Jul 29, 2022

You might just be "A Piece to Their Puzzle" and they might be a piece to yours.

Somebody is waiting on you to keep moving forward and keep going. They are waiting for you to make your next step. Keep Moving! Your purpose is bigger than you. You are connected to the next person and they are waiting for you to show up. You are a piece of their puzzle. They are lost because they haven't found you. It is some people that are looking for you so they can sow into your purpose and help you. There are many times that our purpose is to attach to somebody else in The Kingdom. You have to see your value and know who you are so you can get in position to help the next generation, People have done things and laid the foundation so we can walk into purpose. So, we have to keep the momentum going. We all fit together in The Kingdom as Paul writes, so, let's do our part through The Power of The Holy Spirit and point people back to Jesus, together.

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