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Mrs. Que Talks

Aug 12, 2022

Have you ever needed glasses or couldn’t see? We’ve all been there, right? In the morning just rolling out of bed or even getting up from a nap - our eye just don’t quite focus in or work how we would like. Or, when you get older and your eyes don’t quite work like they used to for you? Then, you probably cleaned out your eyes, got yourself some contacts or maybe some reading glasses. When you find the place that you are supposed to be, you walk into clear vision and you see your purpose better. 

You realize that you have settled for many years, but God wasn’t going to allow it to continue and things were changing around you. Dreams do come true! You must believe it! If he can do for others, he will do it for you. You may even need to take a look back and remember when He did it for you before. Focus on the small wins and track your wins! Watch your circle and protect your ear! Once you make a decision - you have won! Walk in that. Catch the vision and watch Him take care of the provision.

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