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Mrs. Que Talks

Aug 26, 2022

Does the world have you labeled as an unexpected choice? The odds are against you that anyone is expecting God to choose you. Most are expecting somebody else. Somebody that lines up with their expectations, but God needs you to get in position for His expectations. The step you need to take is bigger than you, but He sent a helper in His Holy Spirit to help you. What God has for you is for His Kingdom. It will impact this world, but it is not for this world.

When Samuel came to Jessie’s house, he was being obedient to God’s voice. He didn’t know how many sons Jessie had but he believed God and went. Samuel never thought it could have been David because David’s family didn’t even bother to invite him. He didn’t fit their expectation of what a king looks like. People might have left you because God didn’t allow them to see the king in you. God knows what He is doing and He is in control. David never thought he would be king. He allowed his family to leave him out in the fields tending sheep. 

God chose each of us because He knows the plan that He has for us! Are you David? Are you working and somebody is looking for you? Get ready! Get your expectations lined up with God’s. Get used to being uncomfortable. Let it be your new normal. Change is married to growth!

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