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Back To Eden with Laura Aguillard and Pink Incense

Aug 2, 2022

Do you feel alone? Do you have friends who love the mysteries of God? God is the Divine Connector, the dream weaver, and the Builder of the fellowship of burning hearts. He will answer your prayer for friendships with those who fuel the flame. Those you can burn with.  
Laura Aguillard is with Daniella Gibbons and they share their God story, how He connected their hearts, and how they now run together for Him. 
They talk about God's dream for women. 
Daniella shares the actual dreams He gave her and how He manifested them for the purpose of walking out in fellowship with the divine connections with like hearted women.
Daniella shares her personal story and how God taught her to see rejection as protection because He has written the perfect story for your life and knows the fiery friendships He has in store for you. She encourages us to keep our hearts open, to stay faithful and steward the words He gives you because He will give you friends that burn, that will champion you, and explore the mysteries of God. 
Friends that are the friend of God are out there and He will set you in a family of friends. There's room at our table for you.