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Back To Eden with Laura Aguillard and Pink Incense

Jul 26, 2022

Why Back to Eden? Why is it called Eden? Why Health and Wellness? How do we step into the fullness of His dream, take our rightful place, and walk the way He intended from the beginning? Does our health and wellness matter to God and how important is it in playing a part of moving in the full status of sonship? 

Laura Aguillard was in the prayer room and heard the Lord give her a command, “Health and Wellness, Laura. No more hesitation. No more contemplation. It’s a new car. Drive it.” 
Without hesitation, Laura went forward, got certified, because she knew that God was opening a door for her to walk through because something was coming and she needed to be prepared for the days ahead and helping others. 
She asked the Lord why and He said, “Laura, if I am restoring the Tabernacle of David then I am going to start in the restoration of your spirit, soul, and body.” She knew what He was saying. The physical and spiritual are connected and can not be separated. The alignment of spirit, soul, and body is a major key to walking in the full restoration to contain the glory, walk in His glory realm, and do it rightly for the restoration of His dream in the earth. 
If we want to step into the fullness, know who we are, walk in the fullness of who we are created to be, we have to go back to Eden and understand how it was in the beginning.  
You are His help and strength. It is time to bring restoration & manifest His dream in the earth