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Conscious Fertility

Aug 30, 2022

What if you could create life with your mind?

Turns out, you are more powerful than you know. In this episode, Lorne teaches you his 6 steps of manifestation and how you can use conscious work to free up resources for healing, creativity, and reproduction.

He’ll give you the same tools he successfully uses with his own clients that can uncover and transform your subconscious limiting beliefs.

By sharing these tools and tips with you, you’ll replace your limiting beliefs with programs that serve you and your fertility journey.

It’s time to re-discover the incredible potential that exists within you. 


Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • The 6 steps of manifestation. [1:11]
  • The importance of the inner world. [8:45]
  • How your beliefs create your destiny. [11:31]
  • The importance of reducing resistance and stress. [16:44]
  • Tools to quiet the body and the mind. [22:55]
  • Lorne shares an inspiring baby manifestation story. [34:44]
  • Why you want to learn to focus on what you want, instead of what you don’t want. [41:41]
  • The tangible evidence around conscious work. [43:23]


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