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Conscious Fertility

Jan 10, 2023

If you're struggling to get pregnant, you may feel like you've tried everything and are running out of options. But have you considered doing a deeper dive into looking for the underlying causes of your infertility?


In this episode, Lorne speaks with Acubalance's clinical director of naturopathic medicine, Dr. Kali MacIsaac ND, about the importance of functional medicine fertility testing. Naturopathic doctors like Dr. MacIsaac don't just look for results within the "normal" range – they aim for optimal or functional ranges that give you the best chance of success. As she puts it, "Would you rather be in the bottom 10% percentile or the top 10% percentile? When it comes to fertility and creating a healthy baby, we want you to be in the top percentile of ranges for most tests."


Dr. MacIsaac will explain how comprehensive naturopathic fertility testing looks beyond just the surface-level symptoms of infertility and digs deeper to identify the root causes. By leaving no stone unturned, you can take targeted action to improve your fertility and increase your chances of success.


Dr. MacIsaac will also share how simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference in fertility, and why adding functional medicine testing to your conventional fertility workup can be beneficial.


"Starting a family is a dream for many, and it's understandable to feel discouraged if you're having trouble getting pregnant. With functional medicine fertility testing, you can take a proactive approach to understanding your current fertility status and identify any underlying issues that may be impacting your ability to get pregnant. Don't let your dreams of parenthood slip away – take control and pursue them with confidence."

Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • An introduction to naturopathic medicine [3:10]
  • How naturopathic medicine approaches a patient [5:17]
  • Issues that impact fertility [10:27]
  • The functional range of testing [14:15]
  • Ways a naturopathic thyroid test is different [17:45]
  • A case story about PCOS [21:38]
  • Lifestyle changes you can make to boost your fertility [36:24]
  • The negative impacts of consuming trans fats [40:35]
  • Chronological age vs. biological age [42:29]
  • A patient’s story of how she turned back her biological clock after a failed IVF cycle to a different outcome, having a baby girl [47:19]

Where To Find Dr. Kali Maclsaac:

Instagram: @drkalimacisaac

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