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Conscious Fertility

Jan 31, 2023

This week on the conscious fertility podcast, Lorne sits down with Karine Kedar, a renowned women's health practitioner and expert on stress and the vagus nerve.


Karine, who has over 20 years of experience as an acupuncturist, herbalist, and educator, shares her knowledge on how memories and trauma can become stuck in the body and how to release them. 


She also provides easy tools to elicit a relaxation response and activate the vagus nerve, which is crucial for reproductive health. Additionally, Karine offers her perspective on society's view of sex and explains how masturbation can have positive effects on overall well-being. 


Join us as we explore the connection between stress, the vagus nerve, and reproductive health and learn how to redefine your idea of safety.


Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • An overview of the vagus nerve. [5:53]
  • How the vagus nerve affects reproductive health. [10:40]
  • The gut fertility connection and stress. [19:32]
  • How trauma affects the vagus nerve. [25:37]
  • The impacts of society’s view of sex. [30:56]
  • Benefits of masturbation. [36:15]
  • Oxytocin. [46:33]
  • What to do when you get judgemental towards yourself. [53:13]
  • Easy ways to activate the vagus nerve. [54:59]


Where to Find Karine Kedar:

Karine has a course for acupuncturists on Healthy Seminars

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