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Conscious Fertility

Mar 7, 2023

Just because it’s considered normal does not mean it is healthy!


Millions of women live in pain because their endometriosis remains undiagnosed. Often, doctors ignore symptoms of bloating, constipation, anxiety, headaches, and abdominal pain, assuming that it is just hormonal or nothing “serious”.. Officially, 1 in 9 women are diagnosed with endometriosis, but experts suspect that as many as 1 in 4 women suffer from this silent disruptor.


Today, I welcome filmmaker and activist Shannon Cohn to discuss how endometriosis is disrupting the lives of millions of women and how women can advocate for better care. 


In this episode, Shannon shares how she suffered for years before her diagnosis and how her experience inspired her film Endo What?, which laid the foundation of education for women to understand this disease. Her soon-to-be-released film, Below the Belt, is a call to action for healthcare providers and politicians to ensure women’s symptoms are not ignored.  We have a Vancouver screening of her Movie on April 19th with more details found below.


Regardless of where you are in your journey, Shannon educates you on the warning signs and tips to advocate for your health. Join us as we explore how to balance Eastern and Western medicine to treat endometriosis. 

Key Topics/Takeaways:

  • The hard questions [3:00]
  • Common symptoms [6:30]
  • Normal does not mean healthy [9:40]
  • Endometriosis is not just period pain [11:20]
  • An East-to-West approach [12:45]
  • Reaches homeostasis [17:20]
  • Different treatments for different symptoms[20:40]
  • Nourish the soil before you plant the seed [23:30]
  • Supplements for inflammation [25:10]
  • Finding balance in your body [31:00]
  • Securing a qualified surgeon [35:30]
  • Drive out blood stasis below the diaphragm formula [42:00]
  • Low-level laser therapy for fertility  [45:00] 

Download Our Top 10 Treatment Strategies for Endometriosis

Join the expert panel for a Q&A at the Vancouver screening of the movie Below the Belt

About Shannon Cohn:

Shannon Cohn is an American documentarian and an advocate for women's health. She is well known for her film Endo What?, and her latest feature will be released in December of 2023. Her work has been featured on PBS, Discovery Channel, and Nat Geo. Prior to filmmaking, Shannon was part of the legal team that prosecuted Enron. 

Where to Find Shannon Cohn:

Endo What?

Below the Belt

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