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Conscious Fertility

Mar 28, 2023

Male fertility is like an old car. If you take care of it and let it run how it wants, it should work all the time. But like all health sciences, there are exceptions to this rule and sometimes we need to take a different approach. 


Dr. Paul Turek is joining me today from a vintage car mechanic shop to teach us how men can optimize their sperm quality and what factors affect it the most. Dr. Turek, the founder and director of The Turek Clinic and the inventor of sperm mapping, knows how to get to the bottom of male infertility to get men back on the road and running like new. 


He says, “​​My approach to the treatment of male sexual health issues is similar to a vintage Ferarri: If you take the time to straighten out all of the kinks, it will run hard and fast.”


It really can be this simple, but if it turns out there are deeper underlying issues, Dr. Turek knows where to look with a method he invented called sperm mapping. It can not only give a bigger picture of male fertility but also detect other underlying health issues earlier than normal fertility testing.  


Join us to learn why sperm is certainly 50% of the equation when it comes to conception, and what tools are available to improve male fertility. Because it’s not just a fertility play, it’s a men’s health play. 

Key  Topics/Takeaways

  • Fertility is a team sport [3:53]
  • Sperm epigenetics and its contribution to fertility outcomes [5:44]
  • Semen analysis does not make the man, the man makes the semen analysis [8:18]
  • Looking beyond the semen analysis to optimize sperm quality [10:51]
  • Male infertility is a canary in the coal mine of his health [15:38]
  • Developing an artificial testicle for stem cells [21:16]
  • What sperm mapping tells us about testicular health [25:12]
  • Noninvasive ways to improve male fertility [31:46]
  • It’s a men’s health play, not just a fertility play [32:48]

About Dr. Paul Turek

Dr. Paul Turek is the world’s leading innovator in male reproductive health. Dr. Turek is the founder and director of The Turek Clinic. The practices are “clinical homes for men,” designed to provide state-of-the-art medical treatment to men across the globe. Dr. Turek is a leader in his field. A past president of the American Society of Andrology, he is a recipient of a prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant for research designed to help infertile men become fathers and has published some of the highest success rates worldwide for vasectomy reversals. Dr. Turek invented sperm mapping, an advanced alternative to microdissection procedures. 

Where To Find Paul

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