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Conscious Fertility

Jun 13, 2023

In this compelling and enlightening episode, we delve into the complex relationship between stress and the ability to conceive. Our esteemed guest, Dr. Domar, brings a wealth of expertise as the Chief Compassion Officer at Inception, director of the Inception Research Institute. and an associate professor of ob/gyn at Harvard Medical School. 

Drawing from her extensive experience in cognitive behavior therapy and her bestselling book, "Conquering Infertility," Dr. Domar explores the impact of stress on pregnancy rates and the psychological well-being of individuals and couples struggling with infertility. 

At the heart of the conversation are the significance of patient-centered care and the patient experience in the realm of infertility treatment. Dr. Domar advocates for providing comprehensive support to patients, equipping them with essential skills to conquer the challenges of infertility and remain resilient throughout their journey.

Join us as we engage in this thought-provoking dialogue, where Dr. Domar shares her invaluable insights, research findings, and strategies for supporting individuals and couples on their fertility journey. This episode promises to be a source of empowerment, understanding, and hope for those navigating the challenging path of infertility, fostering a more positive and compassionate approach to infertility treatment and family creation.


Key Topics:

  • The impact of stress on infertility and pregnancy rates.

  • The emotional burden faced by individuals and couples struggling with infertility.

  • The importance of patient-centered care and support during infertility treatment.

  • Coping strategies to manage stress and navigate the challenges of infertility.

  • Advances in infertility treatment, such as IVF, and their potential for success.

  • The goal of building families and reframing the language around infertility treatment.

About Alice Domar:

Dr. Domar is a health psychologist who focuses on the application of mind/body medicine to women’s health issues. Her research focuses on the relationship between stress and infertility, with a focus on the impact of cognitive behavioral interventions as well as access to care and patient retention.

Dr. Domar is on the board for Parents Magazine and served 10 years on the board of Resolve, the National Infertility Association. She is the author of eight books, including Conquering Infertility and Patient-Centered Assisted Reproduction: How to Integrate Exceptional Care with Cutting Edge Technology, and is the co-creator of the apps FertiCalm and FertiStrong. She is a former chair of ASRM's mental health professionals group.

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