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Conscious Fertility

Mar 28, 2023

Male fertility is like an old car. If you take care of it and let it run how it wants, it should work all the time. But like all health sciences, there are exceptions to this rule and sometimes we need to take a different approach. 


Dr. Paul Turek is joining me today from a vintage car mechanic shop to teach us how...

Mar 21, 2023

Freedom from emotional trauma could be a tap away!


Trauma is stored in the body, and EFT is a tapping technique that utilizes acupuncture points so you can digest and release negative emotions that block the healthy flow of energy in your body. 


Today Alina Frank and Craig Weiner join us from the EFT Tapping...

Mar 14, 2023

Under the right circumstances, you could achieve what you perceive is impossible.


The ego is a tricky thing. It has the potential to warp your perception and confine you to a reality that negates the good and enhances the bad. Everyone wants change, but it must start from within.


Today’s guest is Christina Grote,...

Mar 7, 2023

Just because it’s considered normal does not mean it is healthy!


Millions of women live in pain because their endometriosis remains undiagnosed. Often, doctors ignore symptoms of bloating, constipation, anxiety, headaches, and abdominal pain, assuming that it is just hormonal or nothing “serious”.. Officially, 1...