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Conscious Fertility

Aug 8, 2023

In this thought-provoking episode, we explore the groundbreaking work of Dr. Stephen Porges and the Polyvagal Theory.

Dr. Porges' research has been cited in more than 50,000 peer-reviewed publications.  He has published approximately 400 peer-reviewed scientific papers across several disciplines.

He discusses the intricate connection between our autonomic nervous system, social behavior, and physiological states, providing powerful tools to regulate and shift trauma by understanding the adaptive functions of our physiology and the interplay between emotions and the nervous system.

Additionally, Dr. Porges explores how his research aligns with traditional Chinese Medicine, emphasizing the importance of honoring and respecting the body's signals. The episode also addresses the impact of stress on fertility, explaining how disruptions in the autonomic nervous system can hinder the optimal environment for implantation.

Join us as we navigate the evolutionary heritage, physiological underpinnings of social behavior, and the transformative effects of understanding the polyvagal theory on our overall well-being.


Key Topics:

●   The Polyvagal Theory.

●   Understand how the Polyvagal Theory affects our emotions and physical health, and how our behaviors are influenced by our physiology.

●   Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine.

●   Brain-Body Connection and Misdiagnosis

●   Uncover the role of stress in fertility.



Dr. Stephen W. Porges Bio


Stephen W. Porges, PhD, is a highly accomplished researcher in the field of psychology. He is a Distinguished University Scientist at Indiana University, where he leads the Traumatic Stress Research Consortium. Additionally, he holds professorial positions at the University of North Carolina, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the University of Maryland. Dr. Porges has made significant contributions to the field through his extensive publication of approximately 400 peer-reviewed scientific papers, which have been cited in thousands of publications.

One of Dr. Porges' notable achievements is the development of the Polyvagal Theory, proposed in 1994. This theory explores the relationship between the evolution of the autonomic nervous system and social behavior, highlighting the impact of physiological state on behavioral problems and psychiatric disorders. The theory has paved the way for innovative treatments for various disorders by offering insights into the underlying mechanisms. Dr. Porges has also created the Safe and Sound Protocol™, a music-based intervention utilized by numerous therapists to enhance social engagement, reduce hearing sensitivities, improve language processing, and regulate states of arousal. The protocol has shown promise in improving social and communication skills.


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