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Money. Sex. Politics.

Dec 8, 2022

Welome to a WILD CARD episode of the podcast showcasing our new SPOTLIGHT SERIES in a private event on the LBI Backstage Pass.
Our focus is on Backstage Member Marisol Colette and how she encourages people to dress their best by way of processing trauma that may be standing in the way. 
We dive into:
  • How Marisol helps people overcome life experiences that have impacted how they dress themselves
  • Some of the common baggage(s)/traumas you see when it comes to living in a society that glorifies straight-sized bodies and specific beauty ideals
More FREEBIES from our featured ladyboss Marisol on the Backstage Pass
LBI Backstage is a digital network that engages and inspires women thought leaders industry disruptors and business activists to collectively forge a kinder, more equitable world .


Branding is best done with intention and concise copy! 

{{Also great is how you FEEL and LOOK most authentic yourself!!!!!}}

-Marisol Colette




We know that a women lead world will be better for us ALL; particularly when we look at how the power inherent in Money, Sex & Politics are accessed.

Our talks here point to the shift we are building digitally to build a better world by doing social media differently.


We are building The Backstage Pass as a digital hub where we share access to more tools around Money, Sex &  Politics. 

See what we are building behind the curtain and come Backstage!! 

Contact us at for inquiries.