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Money. Sex. Politics.

Jan 11, 2023

Welcome to LBI Backstage Pass Podcast where we talk all things Money, Sex & Politics as they pertain to women thought leaders, industry disruptors, and business activists. 

Olga Ten is our next guest discussing MONEY. After a career in corporate, she wanted to do something where she could have a direct positive impact on people she worked with at higher levels.  Instead of becoming a freelancer herself, she decided to fix the problem she found that many freelancers have: FINDING WORK!  And thus Upmarqt was born!  Upmarqt is a great way for a business owners to get freelancers who fit perfectly for their companies needs NOW and values and goals ALWAYS.

In this episode, we are talking MONEY and don't worry, we promise to keep it very light and bright, f-bombs only delightfully placed :) Seriously, it's mostly comedy & errors with suggestions on how we can maybe, probably do better & asking leaders if they agree!

Join host Rose Kaz, serial boat burner, humanist & social entrepreneur as she digs into conversations with various female-forward visionaries who actualize their big visions into real-life actions. These leaders push forward to a world where women are equal to men, underrepresented skin tones find safety, and folks who identify as theys and thems are valued. 


You can find Olga on her website HERE, on Instagram HERE, and on LinkedIn HERE.


In this episode, we discuss:

Coming Backstage!



Emerge Americas

Everything is Figuroutable 

Automic Habits 

The Future of Work Podcast

Jazmin Star show

Goal Digger Podcast

The Boss Blog


We know that a women lead world will be better for us ALL; particularly when we look at how the power inherent in Money, Sex & Politics are accessed.

Our talks here point to the shift we are building digitally to build a better world by doing social media differently.


We are building The Backstage Pass as a digital hub where we share access to more tools around Money, Sex &  Politics. 

See what we are building behind the curtain and come Backstage!! 

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