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Money. Sex. Politics.

Jan 4, 2023

Welcome to LBI Backstage Pass Podcast where we talk all things Money, Sex & Politics as they pertain to women thought leaders, industry disruptors, and business activists. 

Abi Green is our next guest discussing POLITICS. She is the smartest woman she knows, an expereienced campaign manager and all around political juke box of plenty! She has lead campaiges for the likes of Obama, Clinton and many others at the local and national level. After a brief stint at a JD, she took her legal background and has tweeked it to show up as the Eternal camp counselor she is directing campaigs & kids alike.  Abi is also an  enthusiastic mom, speed talker, world conqueror, lawyer, thrifting fanatic, progressive political know it all, Bachelor franchise historian, culinary MacGuyver, and proud feminist with disabilities. She is also the host of the podcast Sex, Politics, and Bacon!

In this episode, we are talking POLITICS and don't worry, we promise to keep it very light and bright, f-bombs only delightfully placed :) Seriously, it's mostly comedy & errors with suggestions on how we can maybe, probably do better & asking leaders if they agree!

Join host Rose Kaz, serial boat burner, humanist & social entrepreneur as she digs into conversations with various female-forward visionaries who actualize their big visions into real-life actions. These leaders push forward to a world where women are equal to men, underrepresented skin tones find safety, and folks who identify as theys and thems are valued. 


You can find Abi on her on the Backstage Pass HERE, on Facebook @thriftygreen2020, on Instagram @thriftygreen2020, and on Twitter @Thrifty2020.


In this episode, we discuss:

Joining the Backstage Pass

Sex, Politics, and Bacon Podcast

Rachel Maddow

Dave Barry

I hate Politics Podcast


We know that a women lead world will be better for us ALL; particularly when we look at how the power inherent in Money, Sex & Politics are accessed.

Our talks here point to the shift we are building digitally to build a better world by doing social media differently.


We are building The Backstage Pass as a digital hub where we share access to more tools around Money, Sex &  Politics. 

See what we are building behind the curtain and come Backstage!! 

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