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Historia Canadiana - A Cultural History of Canada

Mar 12, 2023

In which we are joined by long-time background guest and feminist extraordinaire, Camille Houle-Eichel, to talk about the early suffrage movements that emerged in the 19th and 20th centuries! We talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of those movements, stopping just short of the actual achievement of provincial or...

Mar 5, 2023

Patrick is at a conference this week, so no new episode, but enjoy this preview of the latest episode of Pop Canada we recorded last week on the once-superstar singer, Portia White. We'll be back next week with a brand new episode!

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Feb 19, 2023

In which, using Lorena Gale's play Angélique, we talk about the life and times of Marie-Joseph Angélique - a New France slave who was accused of burning down almost 50 buildings in Montreal in 1734. Get 2 months of free podcast hosting by going to:

Feb 5, 2023

In which, in honour of Black History Month, Patrick talks to writer and researcher, Professor Carolyn Whitzman about her new book Clara at the Door with a Revolver. A social history of a famous Toronto trial of Clara Ford, a Black cross-dressing woman, the book illuminates an underdiscussed aspect of...

Jan 29, 2023

A sample of the latest episode of Pop Canada, in which the boys talk about Pop Punk in Canada, how it emerged in the wider post-9/11 cultural sphere, and Simple Plan.

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