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A Cultural History of Canada

Sep 19, 2021

In which we talk about the conferences in Charlottetown and Quebec that laid the groundwork for Canada and the British North America Act! We also end on by analyzing some artistic depictions of those moments.


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Sep 11, 2021

In which, we discuss the early-2000s TV show Total Drama, its spin-offs, and the creators' other endeavours (like 6teen). We get to talking about Americanization, Canadian parodies, and have a general fun time!

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Sep 5, 2021

In which we discuss a famous poet and politician that allows us to address the Fenians, the further establishment of Irish-Canadians, and who fully leads us into Confederation!!

NOTE: I forgot to mention that the person who was accused of shooting McGee was called Patrick J. Whelan. Thought it was important to include...