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A Cultural History of Canada

Oct 31, 2021

In which we talk about the dark side of Macdonald's legacy and the latter part of his life, again using caricatures (but ones that make us go "yikes...").



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Oct 17, 2021

In which we examine the legacy of Canada's first PM through caricatures! This episode focuses on his early life and what is considered to be J. A. Macdonald's more 'positive' legacy...and how that is certainly a double-edged sword.


Oct 9, 2021

In which we talk about an acclaimed fantasy series - 'Malazan: Book of the Fallen' - written by two archeologists from Ontario and Manitoba. We also delve a bit into the genre as it developed in Canada!

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Oct 3, 2021

In which we we discuss the officialization of the British North America Act, its immediate impact, and much more as Canada takes on its first kind of independent form! We also discuss photographer William Notman as a case study for how culture is changing in the new country. It's an episode of debates, dirty tricks,...