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The Deep Map

Apr 17, 2023

Ninety-nine percent of the people who live in the Holy Land are Jewish or Muslim, as are 99 percent of the violent incidents that take place there. But what about the 1 percent who are Christian? What role do they play? To answer that question, Robert talks with his colleague and friend Khalil Sayegh, a Palestinian Christian from Gaza who recently finished five years with The Philos Project. In a heartfelt conversation that veers from analysis and debate to personal reflection, Robert and Khalil discuss the causes of recent violence in the land, the internal dynamics of Israeli and Palestinian politics, the role of religion, the prospects for peace, and the real value of peacemaking efforts between the two sides.

Khalil Sayegh worked with Philos as an advocacy fellow, research fellow, and Rami Ayyad Scholar while earning an MA in Comparative Politics at American University. Before moving to America, Khalil led Philos’s grassroots efforts in the West Bank where he organized support programs for Palestinian Christians, facilitated dialogue between young Israelis and Palestinians, and spoke to visiting delegations about the local situation. He now lives in Washington, DC.