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The Deep Map

Dec 13, 2023

The strongest predictor of evangelicals' support for Israel in the U.S. is the age of the believer. After October 7, Harvard found that 45% of 18–24-year-olds side more with Hamas. Today, war views and attitudes towards Israel are defined by generations rather than religious beliefs or political parties. 

Motti Inbari and Kirill Bumin join Robert and Dominique to discuss their book, "Christian Zionism in the Twenty-First Century," and their findings on the growing generational divide supporting Israel. 

18–29-year-olds are the first-generation post-information revolution, with access to both news and misinformation at their fingertips, resulting in Generation Z as the first outwardly anti-Semitic and pro-Hamas generation since the Holocaust. These trends can be attributed to two compounding factors: decreased regular church attendance and a surge in popular teaching of Supersessionism from the pulpit. 

Will young evangelicals return to the views of their parents with age or remain an outlier in their diverging beliefs? Time will tell.