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The Deep Map

Oct 10, 2022

In late 2020, an unexpected series of peace deals between Israel and four Arab countries shocked the world and seemed to inaugurate a happy new chapter in international politics. Robert Nicholson is a fan. But critics say the "Abraham Accords" are flawed at best, oppressive at worst, and will actually make the Near East more volatile in the long run by empowering autocrats and suppressing the will of the people.

One such critic is Shadi Hamid, who joins Robert in studio to make the case against the Abraham Accords and explain why the Islamic world needs to make peace with Israel on its own terms -- or, quite possibly, not at all.

Shadi Hamid is a Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution, a Research Professor at Fuller Seminary, and a contributing author at The Atlantic. He is also the author of Islamic Exceptionalism, a book about how Islam’s “exceptionalism” influences politics and the future of the Middle East. His new book, The Problem of Democracy, is being released on October 15th.