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Great Practice. Great Life. by Atticus™ Helping attorneys grow thriving practices, increase revenue, lower stress, and achieve a work/life balance.

May 13, 2024

On this episode of Great Practice, Great Life, Jake Thompson reveals the skills required to navigate the leap from individual contributor to a leader who inspires.

Steve and Jake’s discussion starts with this shift's realities, much like Michael Jordan's venture into baseball. They address the downsides of promoting top performers without proper leadership training. Jake, a celebrated motivational speaker and author within the Atticus community, shares his wisdom and introduces his book, “Lead Better Now,” offering listeners strategies to uplift team culture, enhance communication, and make an impactful difference in their new leadership roles.

Leading well is not innate and is often overlooked in professions like law, where technical expertise overshadows the need for management insight. Jake shares his wife's struggles in her management role, providing a candid backdrop to our discussion on cultivating leadership skills. We explore what distinguishes a standout individual performer from a standout leader, underscoring targeted leadership development. For lawyers and team leaders aiming to elevate their practice and personal lives, these insights will help steer you toward a more effective and empowered leadership approach.

Steve spotlights the influence of leadership in nurturing a positive work environment where individuals can excel. Here, we highlight the impact of personal connections, the strategy of combating bad days with positive reflections, and the profound effect of resilience in shaping workplace culture. We contemplate that our challenges are precursors to our most compelling comeback narratives.

This episode is about leading others as much as it is about rewriting your story to lead a life marked by intention and triumph.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The transition from individual contributor to inspirational leader, using Michael Jordan's sports shift as an analogy for the skill set change
  • The importance of leadership training for top performers promoted to management roles and insights from Jake Thompson's guide, “Lead Better Now”
  • Distinguishing standout individual performers from standout leaders
  • The need for targeted leadership development
  • Cultivating a positive work environment through leadership that values personal connections and resilience
  • Strategies for enhancing communication and intentional morning routines to improve leadership effectiveness
  • The impact of leaders on workplace culture
  • How personal challenges can become comeback narratives
  • Practical leadership advice for newly appointed managers, team leaders, and managing partners to develop and improve their leadership skills

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