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Against The Wind: Leadership at 36,000 Feet

Nov 22, 2022

Featured Guest: Daniel Seddiqui

Job Hunting Expert & Cultural Analyst

International Best Selling Author

We all have experienced the rejection of not landing the job after the interview, but probably not as much one motivational speaker. Daniel Seddiqui was named by USA Today the “Most Rejected Man in the World”, and has gained the title of the World’s Most Ambitious job Seeker.

Daniel failed over 40+ consecutive job interviews, sent out 18,000 emails and made nearly 5,000 phone calls to finally find a path he loved.

He’s been called the real-life Where’s Waldo and for good reason. Daniel Seddiqui has traveled the entire USA over 20 times. He sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City, shot archery with members of the Cherokee Nation, and built furniture with Amish, among many dozens of other immersive experiences. Fueled by a lifelong love of maps, meaningful connection, and lack of opportunities after college, he charted his own course to become a multi-time international bestselling author, keynote speaker, and career education and travel entrepreneur. His work has been featured on many mainstream media outlets; CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NPR, Today Show, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.