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Against The Wind: Leadership at 36,000 Feet

Sep 15, 2022

Featured Guest: Nathan Woodward, Chief Officer

Nathan is the Chief Officer on the newest and largest container ship built in the United States.  His container ship supplies refrigerated cargo, automobiles, building materials, hazardous chemicals, livestock, and military equipment to and from the United States west coast, Hawaii, Guam, Japan, and China.

He is responsible for the overall carriage and stowage of the cargo including the vessels stability.  He stands a navigation watch conducting collision avoidance, timed arrivals, and excels at making triple latte's. Nathan is the vessel security officer, medical-person in charge, and the on-scene commander during any emergency.

Logging more that 65,000 miles per year and crossing the Pacific Ocean 4-5 times during a calendar year, Nathan has seen the peacefulness and the furry of Mother Nature.