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Data Driven Leadership

Apr 24, 2024

Education change-makers know that when data empowers, it’s much more powerful than data that merely meets compliance requirements.

Chief Information Officer for the Georgia Department of Education, Dr. Keith Osburn, and Chief Data Officer Nicholas Handville are doing just that by giving data back to educators across the state in formats that facilitate its use as a valuable decision-making tool.

In this episode, they share how they’re providing accessible, timely, and actionable data products that teachers and education leaders can use to make the best decisions for their students. They explain the critical role of system interoperability, modernizing data infrastructure, and establishing trust with all stakeholders.

Throughout the conversation, we explore tangible ways data reshapes educational landscapes by shifting from a compliance to a value-driven model, particularly post-COVID. Keith and Nicholas emphasize the need for an accessible approach tailored to support schools and districts regardless of their starting capacity.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of enabling system interoperability
  • How to shift data’s purpose from compliance to empowerment
  • What modernization means for educational data and infrastructure