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Data Driven Leadership

May 22, 2024

If you're a parent, you know how critical it is to connect with teachers. And research backs this intuition up. From Harvard to the Journal of Education Research, numerous studies show that family engagement in education boosts student learning outcomes.

So, how do we engage families in learning? It all starts with clean data and interoperability.

Here to explain the relationship between tech and family engagement in learning is Strategy and Marketing Officer Dr. Chad Stevens. Chad shares what he’s learned from his career in the education industry, including his work at ParentSquare, and the innovative ways the right technology seamlessly brings families and educators together.

Chad explains the importance of clean data, interoperability, and connecting applications like ParentSquare to other forms of data to give educators and parents the information they need at the right time. He also shares his insights on making data-driven decisions as an EdTech leader and emphasizes the need to stay focused on learners.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How interoperability enables family engagement in learning
  • Why empathy and active listening pave the way for tech that supports education
  • How to leverage both intuition and data in decision-making


Things to listen for:

[00:00] An introduction to the episode

[06:45] The importance of data interoperability

[11:45] Bridging the gap between technology and instruction

[16:30] How interoperability impacts family involvement in education

[20:45] Balancing intuition with data

[28:30] Staying focused on learners as technology evolves