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Data Driven Leadership

Oct 19, 2022

In 2018, Major League Baseball recorded its lowest attendance in 15 years. Unfortunately, the years that followed haven’t looked much better. But ballparks may be unlocking a strategy that can turn these trends around: data analytics.

Data analytics isn’t new to the baseball world, but the amount of data teams can now collect—and how fast they can collect it—opens up a host of new possibilities. Scaling their data analytics starts with building a meaningful foundation.

To kick off this episode, Brittany Goodwin, data modeler at Resultant, shares how to start your data strategy on the right foot. Through Solution on the Spot, she  explains the importance of defining the problem you want to solve with your data.

Machelle Noel, manager of analytic systems at Texas Rangers Baseball Club, shares how these concepts have played out for her team. She explains how they leveraged data to enhance the fan experience. By starting with a strategic data assessment framework, the team efficiently scaled their analytics program.