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Data Driven Leadership

Jan 3, 2024

The heart of data-driven decision-making lies in understanding the purpose behind the numbers—why we collect specific data and how it can drive our missions forward.

No one understands this more than Peter Krombach, director of data operations, governance & engagement at the Indiana Department of Health. His journey in the public health sector has taught him that collaboration and the strategic use of data save time and lead to truly impactful outcomes.

In this conversation, Peter and host Jess Carter dissect the priorities and action steps of data-driven leaders in the public sector. Peter shares how building a community with your team that values camaraderie, mutual understanding, and the blending of diverse skills can markedly retain talent and drive success.

If you're an executive leader looking to transform your organization's data culture, press play to hear insights on creating shared understanding in projects, blending public health and data skills, and nurturing a data-centric culture that thrives on collaboration and innovation.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to confront fear and embrace feedback to drive data-centric innovation
  • How to take a human-centered approach to data-driven leadership
  • How to effectively initiate a shift toward becoming a data-driven organization