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Data Driven Leadership

Mar 27, 2024

Data is not just a tool. It’s a transformative force, shaping our present and defining our future.

As we reflect on season three, host Jess Carter reveals how the power of data extends far beyond the business realm. From unemployment mitigation to sports innovation, data serves as a guiding force for positive change in every facet of our lives.

We’re also looking forward to what’s next for the podcast: an education mini-series with Dr. Curt Merlau. He’ll shed light on how policy is influenced, the players involved, and the role of data in policy formation.

Whether or not you’re in the education space, this mini-series will provide new perspective on data-driven innovation. You don’t want to miss it!


In this episode, you will learn:

  • What to expect from the upcoming education mini-series with Dr. Curt Merlau
  • Jess’s takeaways from each episode of season three
  • How data acts as a transformative force in every facet of our lives