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Data Driven Leadership

Jul 17, 2024

For education to be meaningful to students, we need to evolve education from a schooling system to a learning system. That requires modernization and uncommon alliances.

In this episode, Erin Mote, the CEO of InnovateEDU who was also recently named District Administration Magazine's most influential and impactful leader...

Jul 3, 2024

How did the Children’s Hospital Association achieve a data transformation that saved them $2 million annually? They started with a strategic data assessment and got clear on strategy first.

Preparation makes all the difference to the smooth execution of such a large initiative.

In this episode replay, we’re taking...

Jun 19, 2024

AI isn’t just for large corporations.

Small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) can—and should—leverage the power of AI, too.

Not sure how to start? Ben Schreiner, head of the Business Innovation team at AWS, is here to help.

Ben joins guest host Justin Bolles to dive into AI’s effects on SMBs and lay out practical...

Jun 5, 2024

What keeps formerly incarcerated individuals in their communities and out of prison?

The Michigan Department of Corrections set out to answer that question.

The key, they discovered, is education.

Kyle Kaminski, offender success administrator at Michigan Department of Corrections, and Ben Wories, director of public...

May 22, 2024

If you're a parent, you know how critical it is to connect with teachers. And research backs this intuition up. From Harvard to the Journal of Education Research, numerous studies show that family engagement in education boosts student learning outcomes.

So, how do we engage families in learning? It all starts...