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Aug 19, 2022

In this episode, I interview my friend Avonelle Lovhaug.


Avonelle has been a software developer for almost 30 years and has been an independent consultant for two decades. She works with tech-savvy small businesses that want professional custom software solutions for a fixed price. Many of the applications she has created are web-based and built using Microsoft technologies, though she also has experience creating mobile and Windows-based tools.


In our discussion, we get into several topics that she has experience with such as long-term clients, her methodology for using fixed pricing on projects, monthly support contracts, and invoicing. We end with a discussion of some different tools we both use on a day-to-day basis.


This was a fun interview to do and I really could talk with her all day on these things, but we ended right around 40 minutes.


Episode outline:


  • Background
  • Long term clients
    • Ideal would be adding a new customer every year
    • Usually work with 2 - 5 clients a year
  • How she found who her ideal client and ideal project is
    • Clients who want their business need solved and are not concerned about the implementation
    • Smaller clients and projects
    • Often only developer
  • Her methodology for using fixed price on projects
    • Invoicing
      • New client - money up front
      • Payments for deliverables/milestones
    • Usually leave a period of ~60 days after project allows for bug fixes, etc.
  • Monthly support contracts
    • Support, bug fixes
    • Sometimes emergency, sometimes not
      • Priority support vs. non priority
    • Allows for clients to budget for support
    • Allows for 1/4 - 1/3 time available for support
  • Invoicing in general
    • Quicken home and business
      • Uses the estimate functionality
      • Print to pdf and email invoices
  • Discussion on different tools we use
    • OneNote
      • Notes
      • Documentation
      • Searching
      • Screen shots
    • Snagit
      • Screen shot utility
    • Azure DevOps
      • Issue and bug tracking
      • Connect code to issues
      • Releases
    • RedGate SQL Change Automation
    • MSDN Universal/Visual Studio Enterprise subscription
    • JetBrains subscription
    • Beyond Compare
    • .NET Reflector
    • Slack
    • GitKraken
    • YouTube Professional
    • Pluralsite
  • Her reason for being an independent