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Paranormal Portal

Mar 29, 2021

On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we explore the Missing 411 phenomena. Most commonly, there are nothing but questions in the wake of cases of people who have gone missing, as covered in David Paulides "Missing 411" series of books and lectures. People literally appear to simply fall off the map and there is no indication of what happened or how it happened. Those are the nebulous questions that remain. Today's show explores an article by author Brent Swancer who is a featured writer and contributor at In this article, Brent explores cases of people who were seemingly "lured" by unexplained forces to go deep into the forests. While this is not definitive, it does lend a possible explanation to some of the strangeness that is the "Missing 411 Phenomena". It's all on the map for the show, so buckle's getting creepy! Join us as we discuss this and so much more! Enter the Paranormal Portal...if you dare! 

The article covered in today's episode can be found here:

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