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Paranormal Portal

Apr 4, 2022

On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we are enjoying a Paranormal Buffet as we first dive into a listener email right out of the gate.  Christa writes about her experience growing up in a family home and property that seemed to be right out of the twilight zone.  Next, we explore an incredible encounter from Phantoms and Monsters of a deer hunting teen in Pennsylvania who comes face to face with an apparition from the distant past.  Then, to close out the show, I interviewed Hakeem who grew up experiencing strange shadows and spiritual beings and is transported to a strange "place" while bathing.  Join us as we discuss this and so much more!  Enter the Paranormal Portal...if you dare!  

To check out the Phantoms and Monsters article, visit:

Special Thanks to Lon Strickler and Phantoms and Monsters for the use of the article.

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