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Paranormal Portal

Sep 25, 2023

This was an interview that was conducted at the Phenomecon Conference.  Every effort has been made to bring you the best recording possible

On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Ryan Skinner to the show.  Ryan has been pursuing the truth of SkinWalker Ranch from way back even into the Bigelow/NIDS years.  Ryan has researched the ranch for many years and has been instrumental in bringing incredible information to light about the strangeness that is Skinwalker Ranch.  Author of several books, his efforts and dedication continues to shine a light on the incredible phenomena that continues to baffle science for decades.  Ryan joins us to discuss his journey into revealing the secrets of Skinwalker Ranch. Join us for this incredible journey.   Enter the Paranormal Portal...if you dare!

Check out Ryan's website to learn more about what is happening on Skinwalker Ranch:

Check out Ryan's incredible collection of Skinwalker Ranch Titles Here:

You can also find Ryan as he regularly appears on the History Channel show: The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch as well as TVs Blind Frog Ranch

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