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This Girl Is On Fire

Jun 1, 2023

Mika Simmons is an actress, writer, director and host of The Happy Vagina Podcast, covering women’s physical and mental health, in particular sexual health issues. It started as a means to raise awareness of gynaecological health, following her mother’s early death from ovarian cancer, and has since become a global...

May 18, 2023

Rebecca Humphries is an actress and writer, known for playing a love-struck PA in Ten Percent, the British version of the French series Call My Agent, and Carol Thatcher in the Netflix series The Crown, alongside Gillian Anderson who played her formidable mother, and former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

May 2, 2023

Kelle Bryan has worked in the entertainment industry for over two decades – something that her 11 year-old self would be pretty pleased with, as she decided at that young age that entertainment – acting, singing, dancing and presenting - was the career she wanted to be known for. 

Kelle grew up in London, an only...

Apr 18, 2023

Emma Gunavardhana is an award-winning journalist, podcaster and public speaker. Her podcast, The Emma Guns Show, is in the Top 10 Self-Improvement shows on Apple Podcasts, with over 15 million global downloads. Emma joins me today to speak, as she always does, from the heart and pass on her learnings and insights in...

Mar 22, 2023

*TRIGGER WARNING: This podcast contains detailed discussion of female genital mutilation and abuse, which some listeners may find upsetting.

Hibo Wardere is mother, a wife and a fantastic raconteur. Her mission in life is to empower women to understand that they have a choice when it comes to their bodies and...