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This Girl Is On Fire

Nov 2, 2022

Amanda Byram is one of these friendly beautiful women that seems to have it all figured out. After starting her working life as a model, she then made the progression to TV, moving with apparent seamless ease to huge jobs fronting The Big Breakfast and Total Wipeout in the UK, and Paradise Hotel in America.

In our chat today Amada talks about growing up with mixed heritage parents in Dublin, how she manifested her dream life of working and living in Hollywood, only to give it all up and return to the UK in search of love. We talk about how the bravest thing she ever did was calling off her wedding at the eleventh hour - a decision ever which led to a period of dark depression and self-loathing for not living up to societies idea of 'perfection'.

Now happily married to the love of her life, living by the sea and focusing on her fitness and wellbeing business, Amanda is genuinely one of the funniest, most grounded, beautiful on the inside and out women I've ever met, and someone we can all learn from. To be honest, we couldn't STOP talking, which is why this conversation wins the record for the longest ever - it's well over an hour long!

Oh, and by the way, the film Amanda couldn't remember the name of? It's called 'Imitation of Life' which came out in 1959 starring Lana Turner.

This will all make sense when you listen to our conversation...