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This Girl Is On Fire

Nov 16, 2022

Building any business from scratch takes a certain kind of entrepreneurial spirit, but building a BANK?

This takes something more than having a brilliant idea and the dogged persistence to see it come to light. Anne Boden MBE has that something more, because that's exactly what she did. In her mid-fifties, after 30 years of working in the banking industry, she saw what most of her contemporaries didn't; that traditional banking needed to radically change the way it operated.

With the idea of making money management a simple experience by taking everything a customer needs out of stuffy, outdated facilities and putting it into the palm of their hand, Anne set out to change the way our money is managed. In her journey to do this, Anne has overcome every kind of hurdle; including backstabbing colleagues in an industry stuck in its ways.

So who is the woman who has led this revolution?

She is Anne Boden, the first woman to form a UK bank.