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This Girl Is On Fire

Aug 4, 2022

For many of us of a certain age, especially those in the UK, Emma Forbes is the smiling face of Saturday Morning TV - from Going Live with Philip Schofield and Sarah Green (where she got the job as the resident cook after bombarding the Editor for a full year with letters begging to be on the show), to co-hosting Live and Kicking with Andi Peters, who went on to become a lifelong friend.

In our chat today Emma talks about what it was like to step back from TV to have her first child, only to have the doors close behind her. About the post-natal depression she experienced and tried to deal with her usual 'stiff upper lip', 'just keep going' kind of attitude that so many of us can relate to.

We talk about her decision to relocate to America to be closer to her children who are going to university there, and the reality of life in lockdown New York. We also put a few myths to bed - so stand by for some home truths about Peppa Pig, lads mag FHM and never making the shortlist for Rear of The Year!