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This Girl Is On Fire

Apr 18, 2023

Emma Gunavardhana is an award-winning journalist, podcaster and public speaker. Her podcast, The Emma Guns Show, is in the Top 10 Self-Improvement shows on Apple Podcasts, with over 15 million global downloads. Emma joins me today to speak, as she always does, from the heart and pass on her learnings and insights in the hope that they can help others. We discuss the impact of growing up as she calls it, “the fat kid of the fittest man in the village”, and how being bullied about her weight at school, then reminded of it at home led to a never-ending spiral of not feeling good enough. It drove her to want to be amongst the shiny and beautiful people of the world, hoping that somehow their success would rub off on her. 

Emma spent ten years working for OK magazine in its heyday, rubbing shoulders with A-list celebrities, attending glamorous parties, weddings and photo shoots, and commanding respect as a Beauty Editor. But it wasn’t until she decided to pivot and strike out on her own, that Emma realised all the glitter in the world can’t make you feel golden if you don’t believe in yourself.

In today’s candid and open conversation, Emma discusses the challenge of losing and gaining the same 40 pounds, the effect her fear of rejection and abandonment has had on both her professional and personal life, and how finally building the mental muscle to let go of her people pleasing ways has set her free.

Emma Guns is one of the smartest, warmest and most articulate women I’ve ever had the pleasure to spend time with, and I know that you are going to love our conversation today.


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