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This Girl Is On Fire

Mar 22, 2023

*TRIGGER WARNING: This podcast contains detailed discussion of female genital mutilation and abuse, which some listeners may find upsetting.

Hibo Wardere is mother, a wife and a fantastic raconteur. Her mission in life is to empower women to understand that they have a choice when it comes to their bodies and what happens to it; a topic that has become increasingly important in the past few years for a multitude of reasons. 

Hibo’s driving force is deeply and painfully personal, because at the age of just six, she became a victim of Female Genital Mutilation, a traumatising experience which went on to shape the rest of her life. After fleeing Somalia as a teenager when civil war broke out in her country, Hibo made her way to what she calls “the glorious UK”, where she has lived and worked ever since, campaigning and helping to educate police, social workers, healthcare professionals, teachers and children about the practice of FGM, which affects around 200 million girls around the world.

Our conversation today is an emotional one, which some listeners may find upsetting, as Hibo describes in detail what happened to her that day. She also explains how she flips her pain around, and turns it into strength. She talks with warmth and love about the moment her life changed for ever – when she became a mother, and made a promise to her first-born that no harm would ever befall them.

Hibo Wardere is an exceptional human being. Let her story inspire you to find strength and bravery when you feel you have none.


Instagram: @HiboWardere